Designed by: Chester Hendrix
Illustrated by: Mike Drysdale & Chester Hendrix
Ages: 5 and up
Players: 2 to 6; 10-20 minutes
Price: $12.95 with FREE shipping to the contiguous 48 states

Caractor Match is a game where players collect cards with matching characters on them. Each turn a player draws until they have 5 cards in hand, then play any matches, and finally discard 1 card. The first player to collect the winning number of matching sets (which varies by number of players), wins the game!!

Historical Context
In 1828, as Joseph Smith was translating the Gold Plates, he wrote some of the characters, as well as his translation, from the plates onto a small piece of paper. Martin Harris then took the paper to Professor Charles Anthon at Columbia College for his expert opinion on the translation.

This piece of paper has become known as the "Anthon Transcript." It is currently own by the Community of Christ